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Our market view

Much has been written about real estate prices in Switzerland in recent years and particularly in the Geneva area.

Prices appear to have stabilized and the French-speaking Swiss property market is currently experiencing a slowdown in the number of transactions. 


At Property Hunt, we think this is the right time to find great opportunities and to negotiate interesting prices. Perhaps next year, prime residences will be sold at lower prices but it will be difficult to negotiate lower interest rates than currently exist. For buyers who plan to acquire a property with a loan, the price of money is as important as the price of the realty itself. This year is still excellent timing to enjoy historically low mortgage rates.


Switzerland is a small market but certainly complex, with specificities canton by canton. The rules of the game have become even more complicated with the latest vote of the Swiss on secondary homes (Lex Weber) and even more recently with the acceptance of the revision of Swiss law concerning land use (LAT).


Our mission

We have observed that the Swiss market is lacking independent buying advisors. Most real estate professionals work for the vendors, employed by owners and mandated to sell their property at the highest possible price. That being the case, buyers are at a disadvantage. If a buyer relies on an estate agent for his purchase, he will soon realize that buyers are not their priority and that the agent only shows him properties on which he has been directly instructed.


At Property Hunt, we believe that the size and the quality of the network is a key success factor in the acquisition of a property. Property Hunt has a large local network. We can introduce you not only to property owners but also to different professional specialists (such as tax managers, real estate lawyers, architects for real estate technical valuations and private bankers) and guide you through this market biased against buyers.


For all these reasons, we have founded Property Hunt and are proud to be an independent, privately owned, buying agency.


Sylvie Dabbah and Nathalie Savioz


Founders of Property Hunt